Fat Shirley’s


Following the moving grave-side service the residents dwell on more eternal matters, wondering through song if indeed there might be trailer parks in Glory Land (Will There Be Trailer Parks In Glory Land?). Not quite sure how to have a wake, the residents decide that a barbeque would be an appropriate event to honor Shirley.

From Fragile Theatre Partnership’s Production of
Fat Shirley’s: A Trailer Park Opera

Terrance Bulware, after blowing his nose on his hand and wiping it on his clothes is admonished by his mother to get himself a tissue or a hanky in the heart-warming If You’ve Got A Runny Nose (Don’t Wipe It On Your Clothes).

The barbeque provides the audience with an opportunity to learn more about the characters. Connie Ray and Ray (She’s My Cousin, She’s My Wife) it is discovered, became engaged at a family reunion, and Broyhill and Marva are not enjoying a blissful union.

An audience favorite, the heartfelt song
She’s My Cousin, She’s My Wife

The appearance of Shirley’s arrogant brother, who claims to be the lawful heir, further compounds the residents’ plight as he tells them he will soon turn the park into an ostrich farm.