Fat Shirley’s

Act II


In Act II, the individual lives of the characters are further explored. The Jackson brothers – Futon, Camaro, and Broyhill (named after the place of conception), share small talk and their troubles with each other and their demented grandfather Delmore. Delmore advises against involvement with women as he sings of his experience of being used by a gold digger. It is also learned that Broyhill has been kicked out of his trailer and has the “Eating At The Waffle House, Staying At The Weekly Rate, Doggone Lonesome Blues.” 

Coming perhaps as no surprise, is brother Futon’s penchant for ladies that wear hairnets (I Love A Lady In A Hairnet). As these gentlemen wander off stage to continue with their discourse at the Waffle House; Marva, Inez, and Angel discuss the impact of men in their lives. Angel (betrothed to Camaro), sings of the love they have for each other in a song entitled “Hickies.” Marva, on the other hand, heaps scorn upon her ne’er-do-well spouse, telling the audience that “Momma Was Right” when it came to making judgments about her future with Broyhill. Marva is quickly drawn toward the prospects of financial security offered by Fat Shirleys brother.

As the residents become more uncertain about their futures and tempers flare, a voice of reason – Futon, suggests that they look for a will (he had watching all the Matlock episodes). Little Durkey Bulware finds the will under Fat Shirley’s giant underwear and of course everything turns out well. Shirley had bequeathed the trailer park to the residents.